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Taylor Knight

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(4.7 out of 5 Brushes)

There is an artist rising in the world of fantastic wine and colorful palettes by the name of Taylor Knight. An artist from a small town in Oklahoma, her imagination is anything but small as she takes your eyes captive across a palette of beauty. Growing up, she studied art all the way through high school, continuing throughout her journey in college. While attending Rose State College, she received a great honor with the Frances White Hughes scholarship, an exclusive fine arts scholarship. After receiving her associates in art at Rose State, she continued to pursue her bachelor’s at The University of Central Oklahoma where her journey will remain until she receives her master’s. Intrigued by most artists she encounters, her inspirations come from all corners of the world of art. A fan of pop art, to the “Greats”, to a simple captivating sunset on a summer night, Taylor is a versatile artist with skills in most mediums. Though, acrylic is her medium of choice. Come experience versatility and intrigue under the enjoyable atmosphere of Taylor’s teaching abilities and push the limits of what you can do.

Recent Work

  • White Owl
  • Creepy Clown
  • Mr Flamingo
  • DIY Abstract Pet Portraits
  • Pick Your Sigil
  • White Wedding
  • Brutus
  • Jerusalem
  • Hot & Cold Date Night
  • Integris Southwest
  • Seasons Turning
  • Cowboys Sign
  • Look Out ~ The Charcoal Giraffe
  • Blue and Teal Blossoms
  • OKC Family Path
  • Watercolor Vase with Flowers
  • OKC Path
  • Oklahoma Bedlam Pic One
  • Watercolor Vase with Flowers
  • Safari Sunset
  • Gestural Charcoal Elephant
  • Cactus Party
  • Painted Lion
  • Afremov Roses and Wine
  • Painted Glass Succulent Terrarium Bowl
  • Lavendar Fields of France
  • Waters Edge Winery Event 4
  • Watercolor Spring Bloom
  • Spring Bloom
  • Spring Wine
  • Lovebirds in Paris
  • In Bloom
  • Serenity
  • Garden in a Glass
  • Childrens Hospital
  • Snowman Family 10x20 pick one
  • The Blue Jay
  • Am I Adopted?
  • Fall on the Lake
  • Autumn Roadway
  • Butterfly Wash
  • Single Flower
  • The Old Ride
  • Tranquil Flowers
  • Remembering Spring
  • Study of Yellow and Grey
  • Miller Man
  • The Purple Calla Lilly
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Grey Scale
  • Green Oasis
  • Yellow Garden
  • Colorful Wine
  • Tree of Happiness Date Night
  • Field of Daisies
  • Pistol Pete
  • Dads Custom Pub Sign
  • The Pleasant Red Bouquet
  • Watercolor Beach
  • Birdie Love
  • Cancer Ribbon Trees
  • Santa Fe Moore Train Depot
  • Claude Monets San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk
  • Northern Lights
  • The Farm House
  • The Great Wave Childrens 11x14
  • Mr. Woodpecker
  • Red Wine Study of Sandi Whetzel
  • The Pink Bouquet
  • Dr. Pete
  • Lost in the Forest
  • The Red Door
  • The Willow
  • Cupcake Love
  • Oh Poppies
  • Redbird Love
  • Aqua Peace
  • Inter Stella
  • Petal Adornment
  • Yellow Birch
  • Snowman Artist
  • Cotton Candy Snowflakes
  • Red Birds
  • The Three Ornaments
  • Tree Ornamentation
  • Fall Day
  • Feelin Blue
  • See No Evil
  • The Warm Vase
  • Nurse Pete 11x14
  • Autumn Mist
  • House on a Hill
  • Moonlit Horrors
  • Pumpkin Spirit
  • Sunset Birds
  • Nightly Sunset
  • Blue Forest
  • TwoTrees
  • The Blue Vase
  • Wayward Dandelions
  • Purple Owl
  • Rainbow Tulip
  • Blue Elephant
  • Amarula Sunset
  • Birdie Nam Nam Study of Gabriela
  • Red Amore Study of Caerys Walsh
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