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Anthony Pego

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(4.5 out of 5 Brushes)

Anthony Pego is a 35 year old Oklahoma City born native artist who has studied visual arts and music in Austin, Texas, New Orleans, Louisiana, and San Diego, California. His time as an artist has been spent creating photography, oils, acrylics, digital design, studio recordings for several bands, unique wood furniture, ceramics, metal jewelry and leather accessories.

Recent Work

  • Album Cover Trio
  • Petty Heart 12x12
  • Sticky Fingers 12x12
  • Velvet and Nico 12x12
  • Old Man Fall
  • Game of Quotes
  • Upside Down Orangie
  • Grey Life
  • Graffiti Bridge
  • Snowy Morning a Katsushika Hokusai Study
  • Father Son Deer
  • Fall Tree on a Hill ~ Stained Glass Heart Winecolors
  • Ballerina Street Lamps
  • Candy Sleigh
  • Lillies and Milk Jug winecolor pic one
  • Buddy and Old North
  • Winter is Coming
  • Winecolor pic one
  • Dragonfly Pond Winecolor
  • Fall Tree on a Hill Winecolor
  • Modern Calla Lillie's Winecolor
  • Stained Glass Heart Winecolor
  • Belle and Beast Silhouettes
  • Junior and Toady
  • Bunny Kiss
  • Pokemon Trio
  • winercolor bird wew event
  • Love at Taj Mahal
  • WinerColor Milk Jug
  • Winercolor Bird and Flower
  • Winercolor Curly Cue Grapes
  • Summer Sand Castle
  • Pink Bleeding Heart
  • Van Gogh Inspired Wagon Train
  • Birds On A Wire
  • Five Blue Birds
  • Bright Flowers
  • BB8 In The Desert
  • Dead Pool
  • Rocket Over the Moon
  • It Takes All Kinds
  • Kung Fu Snack Break
  • Love in Winter
  • Thunder is Life
  • Jack The Thanksgiving King
  • Racing is Life
  • Red Field Succulents
  • Scissortail Oklahoma
  • Pumpkin Spice Hunter
  • True Love
  • Fall Orchid
  • Moonlit Scissor Tailed
  • Fall Heart Tree
  • Purple Forest
  • Three Jacks
  • Fall Colors Tree From Below
  • Three Flowers on Fabric
  • Cat on the Moon
  • Color Tree Street
  • Doctor in Oklahoma
  • Rose Bud Trail
  • Orange Sherbet In The City
  • Indian Blanket Field
  • Buffalo Sitting In A Field
  • Oklahoma Tire Swing
  • Pink Flowers in Vase
  • Scissortail on Barbed Wire
  • Dandelion at Dusk
  • Flying Hoops
  • Kiss The Cook
  • Puppy Fall
  • Rainbow Buffalo
  • Doctor Mew
  • Jazz Night Club
  • Oklahoma Farm Sunset
  • Out of the Blue
  • Pop Cowboy Sunset
  • Desert Floor Closeup
  • Keep Calm and Easter On
  • Ready Set Go
  • Cat In A Fish Suit
  • Creative Ballerina
  • Support our Storm Troopers
  • Home is Where the Field is
  • Ant Man
  • Hello Katniss
  • Wonder Woman Print Style
  • Painted Desert
  • Oklahoma City Skyline Globe
  • Fireworks Above
  • Lotus Stiletto and Wine
  • Pumpkin Surprise Kitten
  • Sunbeam Scissortail
  • Wine and Turkey
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